Brewing Water
Contributed by Hubert Hanghofer   
May 24, 2005 at 01:36 PM

The composition of a brewing water has a big influence on the quality of your brew. Brewing water chemistry is rather complex and unfortunately the deep insight given in many brewing texts is very complicated and confusing. But that needn't be so. I'm water chemist and could make big efforts but I've learned that an easy approach will do to adjust almost all waters to any beerstyle.

Let's focus on the essential elements first. Depending on the underground formation the water arises from, it takes up more or less mineral salts. When this salts are dissolved, they form ions -- positive or negative charged elementar particles. Ions of primary concern for the brewer are Hydrogencarbonat (HCO3+), Calcium (Ca++), Magnesium (Mg++), Chlorid (Cl-), Sulfat (SO4--) and Hydrogen (H+, acidity -- given as pH-value).

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Dunkles Lager
Contributed by Tobias Kandler   
Jul 05, 2004 at 12:00 AM
Hallo Braugemeinde,

Menge: 50l
Stammwürze: 12°P
Bittere: 29 IBU
Farbe: ~55-65 EBC
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Das Halloween-Experiment
Contributed by Hubert Hanghofer   
Jan 30, 2005 at 12:00 AM

Heutzutage, wo immer mehr Traditionen in Vergessenheit geraten, sollte man eigentlich froh sein, wenn neue Bräuche auftauchen. Aber mit dem neuen Fest "Halloween" haben vor allem die älteren Semester Schwierigkeiten. -Müssen wir unser Kulturgut mit amerikanischen Bräuchen bereichern, damit es für die Jugend wieder attraktiv wird? Scheint so zu sein - aber bei genauerer Betrachtung kann man dem ganzen Spuk auch einige positive Aspekte abgewinnen!...

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