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Contributed by Hubert Hanghofer   
May 01, 1999 at 12:00 AM
Report from Site Number 187

Kellerbräu Hubertus von Sam,
Salzburg - Austria

What is Big Brew?

Big Brew is an event initiated by the American Homebrewers Association. Homebrewers everywhere brew beer on the same day, National Homebrew Day, May 1, 1999.

Why did we participate?

Brewing is our obsession. -So what else should we do on saturday, 1st May? Joining friends all around the world is always a good idea!

Site Team

Moving all the equipment is not an easy job, but my friend Gerhard (featured on most of the photos) agreed to join me and we lighted our burners @9:30 GMT+0100 (1:30 Mountain Time).

mashing in @9:30 GMT +0100 assembling the lauter manifold adding chocolate wheat and Carafa® specialty malts keeping an eye on the temperature mashing out Prosit! From Gerhard, Lisa-Maria and me (left to right)
my wife, dismantling lauter manifold but finally I've got my first-runnings
The only problems arose, when my wife insisted in doing something useful and thereby took apart my lauter manifold. But as you can see -- finally I've got them ...first runnings!

protein-rest is held during the wort-boil! I don't understand all the talk about protein rests! ...They _are_ essential - not for the mash, but for the brewer!
Big Brew -Chat & -Toast: a yard of ale is really a

Big Brew Toast
12:00 noon Mountain Time
20:00 GMT+0100

Take care of your shirt -- a "yard of ale" (filled with my Bullwasher-IPA) is really a "long drink"!

Site Resultstotals
Participants Hubert Gerhard 2
Batches ESB Wheat 2
Knock-out wort 52 l 42 l 94 l (25 gal)
grain bill 21 kg (46.3 lbs)
Pale 2row 8.26 kg 3 kg
Wheat 2.2 kg 5 kg
Munich 25EBC  2 kg
Acid Malt 0.44 kg  
Carafa Special® 0.1 kg  
hops processed 210 grams
homegrown Aurora ~6%a 50 g 50 g
Perle P45 10%a 20 g  
Yakima Kent Goldings 4.9%a 60 g  
Hersbrucker ?%a  30 g
Wyeast# very British 1098 Weihenstephan 3068

C'ya next year!
CHEERS & sehr zum Wohle!


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